Ladies, you are Fit for the Journey!

Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Fit for The Journey, (FFTJ) Wellness Institute, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization design to equip and prepare wives including at-risk individuals to reach their full potential through uniquely cultivated training, workshops and seminars in the areas of self-efficacy, self-identity, spiritual and career development, geared towards empowerment initiatives aimed to foster self-esteem while teaching various life skills that will maximize ones potential through the transformation of the mind in an effort to create a legacy and higher quality of life for our participants

The Safe Place to Learn and Grow Together

The Safe Place to Learn and Grow Together

Fit for the Journey Wellness is an organization to help wives on their wife journey. The founder has a passion for helping women thrive in marriages and create legacy.  Here a few ways to get connected to the organization.


Wives Impact Group

Our signature program is a private group for wives only. Designed to remain small in order to experience change through the move of God.

This intimate group consists of 6-8 wives (married, separated or on the verge of divorce).  It is private and confidential.


Speaking & Interviews

As part of our mission, we have established a program for speakers to come and minister to the wives on various subject matters.

Our speakers tackles topics such as personal empowerment, coaching, suggestions for finance, fitness, and more.  Let us know your area of expertise!


Wives Prayer Group

These 1-hour workshops help encourage and mentor wives.  Wives meet other like-minded wives and connect and build accountability partners etc.

In the past,  we have hosted seminars and prayer workshops for wives, covering topics such as "unmasking", "In it to win it",... These 1-hour sessions not only provide encouragement and mentorship but also offer a dedicated space for wives to come together in prayer.  It's a place for like-minded wives to connect, foster spiritual growth, and build meaningful accountability partnerships. 

Join the tribe …

Join the tribe …

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