Frequently Asked Questions

Wives Impact group 2020 and moving forward.

Yes, (married, divorce, separated, at the court house).  

Yes, We are a Christ centered organization so based on the word all wives including those still waiting for the hand of God to move. We have seen marriages turned around and restored. We come to bring you hope. 

We believe marriage Gods way as written in Ephesians 5 and I Peter 3 and other passage.
Husbands and Wives and how to treat each others.  We see couples that tear each other down and building up.  What does God have to say about marriage

Yes!  We have had wives come through and build relationships and prayer partners.

Our wives impact group only house up to 7 in a 6 month period of time.

Yes at present it is minimal cost to invest in your marriage.
  • $150 a year
  • Discount  $100 year by 3/15
  • Monthly $20 a month

We meet once a month  for 1-2 hours max in a private location.  Since COVID it has been virtual and you must be on screen. There are more rules to follow upon entry.

To join the community its free, however, you get more when you join as a member.